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Our Research

Our group’s research is focused on two main themes which are inextricably connected. Our primary objective is to investigate, using numerical simulations, the physics of the interplay between turbulence and internal gravity waves in both mid-water and near the bottom/top and lateral boundaries of the ocean and lakes. read more…

Divided Pulse Lasers

Divided Pulse Lasers

We show that divided-pulse amplification can be used within a laser cavity to increase the pulse energy of a soliton fiber laser. In divided-pulse amplification, pulses are split up N times prior to amplification. After amplification, they are recombined into a single pulse. By reducing the peak intensity within the gain fiber, each split copy can be amplified to the single-pulse limit, and therefore the final recombined pulse can have N times higher energy. This work was featured in Spotlight on Optics.

dpl schematic
Diagram of a general divided pulse laser. Pulses are divided before ampification in the gain fiber, then recombined before being output. A saturable absorber mirror (SAM) is used for mode-locking, while a dispersive delay (DD) can provide dispersion.